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“Since I have been coming down here to FM Healing Center it has helped me and changed my life. The counseling has taught me how to deal with things better, in a positive way, instead of turning to drugs/negative things. It has also taught me to slow down and think about things longer, rather than just rushing through things and getting overwhelmed. The counseling is very helpful, as well as the Doctor coming here has really changed my life.”

The amazing program has helped me a lot. I would not be the person I am now without the help I’ve been receiving. The people are great here! Thanks so much!!

-Brenda S. - Age 20, Danville, KY
-Brenda S. - Age 20, Danville, KY

“FM Healing Center has been a blessing to me and my family. They really care about their patients. I’m glad I became a patient. They have literally saved my life in more ways than ever expected.”

-Tommy C. - Age 40, London, KY

“FM Healing Center is truly a healing process. It definitely lives up to its name. I trust them and they have cared for my whole family wholeheartedly. Great Staff”

-Coleen C. - Age 46, Barbourville, KY

“I feel like everyone at FM Healing Center is genuinely concerned with our road to recovery. Many times I’ve come into therapy feeling overwhelmed with my life. By the time I leave, I feel as if I could take on the world! FMHC has a very calm setting, which is great for someone with anxiety like me. Other places I’ve been seemed loud and out of control, which made my recovery difficult. Just seeing the friendly faces at FMHC makes my day brighter.”

-Martha H. - Age 26, Irvine, KY

“FM Healing Center has been a Godsend. I am starting to see things that have been crippling me emotionally and physically. I now see them a lot more positive. Every visit I leave more empowered, more optimistic. I would highly recommend this kind of healing before going anywhere else. I truly believe FM has a genuine interest in my well being, both now and in the long term aspects of my life.”

-Laura D. - Age 44, Mckee, KY

“Since I have been on the program, I have felt better. I used to have bad dreams, as if reliving my past. Now I can sleep well. Life is now better. Coming here with my brother helped our relationship also. Everyone here is good people. Best place I have been to in my life.”

-Carlie M. - Age 59, London, KY

“This program has changed my life as well as the people around me.”

-Kenny M. - Age 35, Richmond KY

“FM Healing Center has helped me get my stuff together. When I came here, I was lost. I just got a really good job. I couldn’t leave my house because my anxiety was through the roof. With FM Healing Center’s amazing staff, I have been able to talk through my problems and start to find myself.”

-Illyana L. - Age 38, Richmond, KY

“When I first came to FM Healing Center I thought it would be just another clinic that would give me a sub and let me work out my own sobriety. However, the doctor and staff here provided excellent, on point counseling that has helped improve not only my life, but that of my spouse as well. I am grateful that we found such an amazing place to grow and mature in sobriety. Looking forward to the future now, and glad that I have one.”

-Gregory R. - Age 30, Richmond, KY

“Everyone at the FM Healing Center has been so caring, understanding, and helpful in my moving to a happy, sober life. I look forward to the office visits because I leave knowing I am on the right path to a happy sober life.”

-Sandra L. - Age 30, Richmond, KY

"Before FM Healing Center I went to 2 other Suboxone-based programs, never receiving the support I have here. At FM Healing Center they helped me with the stress that made me relapse before, unlike the other places. They also helped me with learning things to cope once I came off the meds. The other clinics only answer was to medicate me, never speaking about what to do 'after.' I found FM Healing Center’s way of counseling better for me."

-Jessica C. - Age 31, Richmond, KY

“The program I’ve been coming to has helped me in so many ways! When I didn’t see a future for myself they helped me build confidence in myself to where I see a future, and now focus on that instead of the past. My past is the past! I was treated like a normal human being that made mistakes. I wasn’t judged. They listened to what I had to say, and tried to help me fix what has caused me to feel that way. In all of this, I am very thankful for this program.”

-Larry S. - Age 30, Mt. Vernon, KY

“I came to FM Healing Center at the lowest and darkest time in my life. They understood my situation. They treated me with respect and kindness. They have not only helped me with addiction and depression, but they helped me become a better person.”

-Jerry S. - Age 33, Richmond KY

“When I first started coming to FM Healing Center, my quality of life was very low. I was very unhappy and had no energy whatsoever. I was living in constant misery. After just a couple visits, I noticed my life was drastically changing for the better. I’ve now been a patient for about 3 months and owe my new life to FM Healing Center. Without them, and their team of experts, I’d possibly be dead! I am forever grateful to them. They truly saved my life. I recommend anyone dealing with any kind of anxiety or addictions come to FM Healing Center.”

-Patricia B. - Age 33, Richmond, KY

“Love the care. Respect the personal experience. I am excited to continue working with the FM Healing Center.”

-Jason D. - Age 36, Berea, KY

"My experience at FM Healing Center has been an exciting twist of events that I never thought possible. I have been off drugs for 5 months and tapered down from 2 Suboxone to 1/4 per day because of my awesome Counselor and Doctor. Most of all, I can’t forget to give credit to myself."

-John S. - Age 29, Richmond, KY

"Since I have been coming to FM Healing Center, I have been very satisfied. I have been helped by them a lot to get back to my old self. They therapy has helped me to get my confidence back. I’m very thankful to all at FM Healing Center. They helped me to make big changes in my life."

-Jessica T. - Age 25, Richmond, KY
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